REPORT: Benjamin Netanyahu To Be Guest At Trump’s Inauguration

Looks like things are getting off to a good start with American/Israeli relations. Obama would never have invited Benjamin Netanyahu to his inauguration. But it’s a new day and a new sheriff is in town.

BiBi has an invite from the President Elect’s team, himself.

Israel National News reports:

The New York Post reported US President-elect Donald Trump’s advisers invited Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to the inauguration ceremony on January 20.

On Sunday, the Trump transition team, led by Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, contacted Netanyahu regarding Netanyahu’s participation in the ceremony.

“There’s a plan for Trump to meet with Netanyahu. They’re talking all the time. And Netanyahu is talking about possibly going to the inauguration,” a source close to Trump said.

And this from the NY Post:

Netanyahu congratulated Trump on his victory a day after the presidential election, and Trump had invited the Israeli leader to meet in the US at his “first opportunity.”

This is great news!

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