MAGA: Trump Leads Hillary by Two Points in Poll Which Was Most Accurate in 2012

Trump Hillary 2016

Despite millions spent by Hillary on negative advertising and a non-stop wave of attacks from the media, Trump now leads Hillary by two points nationally in the IBD/TIPP Poll. This poll was the most accurate one in 2012.

From their report:

Trump Up 2 Points Nationwide, While Clinton Campaigns As If The Race Is Already Won — IBD/TIPP Poll

With 16 days to go until November 8, Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 2 percentage points — 43% to 41% — in a four-way race, according to the latest IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson saw his support held steady at 7%, while the Green Party’s Jill Stein dipped to 3%.

Unrounded, Trump leads 42.6% to 40.8% — a 1.8-point edge — with Johnson at 7.2% and Stein at 3.3%.

Trump also holds a nearly one-point lead in a two-way matchup — 43.2% to 42.3%.

Don’t let the media psych you out.

Just go to the polls on election day and vote Trump!

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