Matt Lauer’s Bias: Forcefully Interrupted Trump 13x’s, Sheepishly Questioned Hillary 7x’s (VIDEO)

Matt Lauer Gets Skewered By Leftist Media For Poor CIC Forum Performance

In last night’s Commander-in-Chief forum on NBC, Matt Lauer showed his bias. The Clinton Global Initiative member and staunch Liberal interrupted Donald Trump a total of thirteen times. Forcefully. And with obvious disdain for the truth Mr. Trump was sharing.

When it came time for Hillary Clinton, Lauer was respectful, sheepish and downright obsequious. And only interrupted seven times. Despite her obvious lies, including the most bald-faced: She claimed her personal server was never hacked.

Watch how Lauer interrupted Hillary vs. how he interrupted Trump, courtesy of @FacMagnaAmerica.

Night and day.

Is Lauer interviewing for a job? Maybe he imagines himself White House Press Secretary? Or Ambassador to some cushy post?

Whatever the reason for Lauer’s bias, the bigger question is: Why do Republicans allow Liberals to “moderate” debates? There will be more Liberals moderating the debates in the fall.

When will Republicans stand up and demand Conservatives moderate the debates?


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