Media Goes Nuts Over Trump’s ISIS Comments But What About When Elizabeth Warren Said This?

Elizabeth Warren Nazi

The liberal media is going crazy because Trump called Obama and Hilary Clinton the founders of ISIS. The comments are being treated as controversial and the media has rushed to defend the president and Hillary.

But what about when Elizabeth Warren said this a few weeks ago?

Via Twitchy:

The media are still in a tizzy over Donald Trump’s assertion that Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” and that’s all well and good. Trump’s remarks sounded pretty ridiculous, after all, despite his follow-up claim today that he was just being sarcastic (or something).

Here’s the thing, though: Why is there a media freakout frenzy over Trump’s connecting Obama to the formation of ISIS, but radio silence when the GOP is absurdly linked to ISIS?

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway’s pretty curious about that:

Funny how the media let that comment slide by with no controversy at all, huh?

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