Media Refuses To SHOW TRUMP’S MASSIVE CROWDS – Today One Camera Did! (VIDEO)


This was amazing!

Today in Loveland, Colorado, Trump set a new attendance record in the hockey arena.

Thousands upon thousands were there. In Colorado!

At rallies, Trump always asks the media to show the massive crowds. He wants the world to see the love. He wants the world to see the numbers. He wants the world to see that this is a movement!

Today, one camera moved when Trump asked it to move. Thanks to RightSide Broadcasting for showing the crowd.

Of course, the rest of the media stayed put. They didn’t show the crowd. So dishonest!

Here’s what the camera showed:

You hear Trump thanking the fire marshal. And the police and first responders.

Here’s a shot of the crowd:

Because so many more wanted to get in who couldn’t.

One report was that the line was more than a mile long. This video shows a third of it:


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It’s a movement!

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