Mike Pence: Time To Clean House At Dept of Veterans Affairs

On board the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA, Mike Pence said fixing the Department of Veterans Affairs would be a “day one” project.

The Daily Press reported: 

GOP Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence kicked off a swing through Hampton Roads Tuesday with a promise that he and Donald Trump would clean house at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“It’s a day one project,” the Indiana governor told a group of two dozen veterans, gathered in a wardroom of the USS Wisconsin.

And Pence said there’d be another change from Obama policy:

Pence said he and Trump were strong supporters of allowing National Guard members to carry guns while at Guard facilities.

He said that in the wake of last year’s drive-by shooting at a Tennessee recruiting center, Indiana moved quickly to authorize members of its Guard to arm themselves while at armories or other Guard installations.

Fixing the VA and allowing our men and women to carry arms on bases? Much needed!

Here’s the full video of the discussion:

Pence listens to our Veterans. Pence is ready to fix the problems.

He’ll be a great Vice-President of the United States!

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