Military Mom: My Jailed Son Did Less Than Hillary – IT’S A “DOUBLE STANDARD” (VIDEO)



This is heartbreaking!

Kathleen Saucier’s son was jailed for breaking classified information rules. Hillary wasn’t.

It’s a “double standard!” says this military mom.

She went on Fox & Friends to say why.


From the video:

Kathleen Saucier: “He’s accepted responsibility for those six photos that were taken in a classified area. Classified below the level of classification that Hillary Clinton’s emails have been prepared at. He’s now preparing to go serve a one year Federal prison sentence as well as six months home monitoring and then three years Federal probation. 

I feel strongly that there’s a double standard. Hillary Clinton and her staff over and over and over have had evidence brought forward about – whether it’s the BleachBit or her staff . . . 

Here’s the thing: They both had documents that were on an insecure device. They both to my knowledge didn’t have intent. I know my son didn’t. Intent is not required for this crime: mishandling classified information.

What he did was wrong. He’s accepted responsibility for what he’s done, and we’re going forward. 

The double standard is: If we, as Americans, as patriots of the United States of America, need to stand up against this double standard.

She’s not asking for mercy for her son. She’s not asking for clemency.

All she wants is for Hillary to be held to the same standard applied to her son. All she wants is for justice to be done.

So do we all!

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