MSNBC Asked For “Hate Crime” Stories But Didn’t Expect This!

MSNBC asked for some viewer feedback yesterday but things didn’t go as planned. They wanted people to send them examples of hate crimes and viewers obliged. But not with the stories MSNBCC was probably looking for.

Red Alert Politics reports:

MSNBC asked for hate crime stories. It didn’t go how they wanted

Everyone knows that MSNBC pushes a more liberal agenda, often times highlighting stories that make conservatives look bad and liberals look good. However, when they tried to find hate crime stories, all they got was blowback.

“If you have been the victim of a hate crime or witnessed someone else being attacked, tell us about it here,” MSNBC tweeted on Tuesday.

Here’s the tweet they sent out:

Here are some of the responses they received:

Some people got really creative in their responses:

Well, they asked didn’t they?

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