MSNBC Host Upset: Hillary “Checked All The Boxes,” But Trump Connected With Voters


Uh oh!

MSNBC Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski is worried. In the Hofstra debate, she thinks Hillary “checked all the boxes,” but Trump came away with what matters: More voters.

She’s upset!

“I could not stop watching till the very end because there was something that was telling me he’s going to do quite well out of this. I think he said things that touch on not just what primary voters think but what people are feeling on a number of levels. I just wouldn’t be surprised if he came out doing better in the polls after this.”

And then:

“I just think that she did everything she was supposed to do and she did a great job and she checked all the boxes – all of them. And she even had a few moments with zingers. I think he connected. There were like seven times where he said things that really connected with the -where the emotions that a lot of American people are right now.


The Left is very, very worried!

(H/T Legal Insurrection)

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