NO KIDDING: Psychiatry Professor Says Many Millennials Have Developed Mental Illness Over Election

Left wing college students have been freaking out like spoiled children since the day after the election so this news comes as no surprise. They’re not rational, they’re just angry and keep throwing public temper tantrums.

It certainly looks like a form of mental illness.

Red Alert Politics reports:

Professor: Millennials have mental health problems from 2016 election

After Donald Trump won the presidency in November, liberal college students were pretty upset as they took part in cry-ins, walkouts, and marches. However, a psychiatry professor at Michigan State University believes that a lot of millennials upset with the election results are now developing mental health problems.

Dr. Farha Abbasi, who’s an expert on mental health post-election, told the Spartan Newsroom that for some millennials are becoming more anxious as they struggle with their identities while depression is worsening for others.

“Millennials are already facing a lot of challenges,” Abbasi said, explaining that between living during wars in the Middle East, a major recession, rising tuition costs, few employment opportunities, and crippling debt can really take their toll on mental health.

Most of these mental health problems are seen in women, LGBTQs, minorities, and non-white immigrants. They can experience anything from fear, shame, or helplessness.

Poor babies.

Maybe they should ask the young people in our armed forces how to get over it.

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