OF COURSE: Socialist Who Owns Three Homes Complains About Rich People Wanting Too Much Stuff

Bernie Sanders is a typical socialist. He rails against rich people who want to own too many things. While he owns three homes. It’s a classic case of “do as I say, not as I do.”

The Daily Wire reports:

Bernie Sanders: Rich People Shouldn’t Own Too Many Yachts, Cars. He Owns Three Houses.

Senator Bernie Sanders (Loonbag-VT) is 75 years old, so perhaps he can be forgiven for his forgetfulness these days. But on Thursday evening, he tweeted out this whopper:

Sanders, of course, owns three houses: one in Burlington, Vermont; one in Washington, D.C.; and a third vacation home worth $600,000 on the beach on the Lake Champlain Islands. Here’s what Sanders’ wife, who reportedly wrecked a college in Vermont through excessive spending but received a $200,000 severance package, had to say about that vacation home:

We’ve been impressed with the North Hero community, eaten at the North Hero House and Shore Acres and have suggested them to friends who were looking for a beautiful place to stay or have dinner. St. Anne’s Shrine in Isle La Motte is my favorite church and it is nearby.

Sanders also paid just a 13.5 percent effective tax rate in 2014.

If it weren’t for double standards, the left wouldn’t have any.

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