OH MYYY! Liberal Star Trek Actor Blames Trump For Something STARTED UNDER OBAMA (TWEETS)

Liberal Star Trek actor George Takei is really upset about the recent raids by ICE and the deportations that will follow. Naturally, he’s blaming the whole thing on Trump even though the initiative was started under Obama before Trump even took office.

Twitchy reports:

Set phasers for PANIC: George Takei spots unmistakable effort to ‘terrorize and destabilize our cities’

Raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials this week resulted in dozens of arrests. Of the 160 arrested in ICE raids recently, 150 reportedly had prior felony convictions for child sex crimes and other violent offenses. In spite of that kind of disturbing information, George Takei believes the real motive behind the arrests is something else:

Here’s George’s tweet:

Here are some of the responses he got:

Better luck next time, George!

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