OH WELL: Radical Feminist Website May Shut Down Over Financial Problems

The website “Everyday Feminism” has announced that it may go under without a large influx of cash. How will the world function with one less website devoted to radical feminism?

The Daily Caller reports:

Radical Feminist Website Says It’s About To Shut Down, Admits No One Cares

The founders of a radical feminist website dedicated to social justice causes have announced that the site may be forced to shut down by the end of this month unless it receives a massive, immediate cash infusion.

The five-year-old website, Everyday Feminism, has created an “Emergency May Booster Fund” to fend off “scary financial trouble that’s threatening to put a halt to our work — maybe even as soon as the end of May.”

America “shouldn’t have to live in a world without independent feminist media” or “an [sic] unique, educational, inside-out approach to fighting everyday oppression,” the plea for funds urges.

“It’s quite a challenge, to say the least, to create independent, intersectional feminist media in a financially sustainable way, especially in a world that doesn’t value what we do,” the cash solicitation also says…

Everyday Feminism vows to find a way to survive “at a time when unapologetic white supremacists are in power” and at a time when “millions of readers” seek strategies for healing from systemic oppression and for inclusive, effective activism.”

Oh well!


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