OOPS! Bill Clinton Forgets Hillary Campaign Slogan, Invents New One (VIDEO)


LOL! That’s gotta hurt!

Bill Clinton forgot Hillary’s campaign slogan today. It’s “Stronger Together,” and it’s plastered all over Hillary’s events. Including the dais where Bill was speaking.

But Bill still messed it up. 

Watch (via Pamela Moore):

From the video:

“This campaign slogan of Hillary’s – Growing Together – is more than just two words that sound good.”

If even Bill can’t remember Hillary’s slogan, how will anyone else? 

Contrast that with “Make America Great Again.” Possibly the greatest political slogan of all time. And exactly what Donald Trump intends to do.

Stronger Together? Not exactly. Growing Together? Nope.

Maybe he meant Growing Senile Together?

H/T Truthfeed

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