OUCH! Fox News Airs ‘Bret Baier Blooper Reel’ 2016 (VIDEO)

That’s gotta hurt!

With Bret Baier on vacation this week, Fox News aired a “Bret Baier Blooper Reel” for 2016.

Here it is:


What’s not mentioned are two important things about Bret Baier during the last election cycle:

  1. Bret Baier and the other Fox News personalities were reportedly instructed by Rupert Murdoch to hammer Donald Trump at the infamous debate they hosted.
  2. Also, Wikileaks reported in October that Hillary got questions in advance to Bret Baier’s Townhall in March 2016.

Are there some Trump supporters at Fox News? Are they exacting revenge?

Or is it all in good fun?

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