Kellyanne Conway Does Some Post-Election Trolling – HITS HILLARY’S PRESS SECRETARY HARD! (TWEETS)

The amazing Kellyanne Conway is the first female campaign manager to win the Presidency for her candidate.

She did a wonderful job with Trump’s strategy. She appeared on many hostile media shows and charmed them. And she made history with Trump’s victory.

Kellyanne Conway Puts Bill Maher In His Place With Style

If you thought she was done, the answer is: Nope.

After a couple of days of celebration, she’s now back at it. She’s taking it to Hillary’s staff and letting them know who’s boss.

Today, Kellyanne pulled up a tweet from Brian Fallon, Hillary’s national press secretary. And she trolled him hard.

Here’s what Fallon tweeted out the Saturday before the election:

And here is Kellyanne’s response today:

“Thanks for the tip” – Boom!

Here’s what we think Brian Fallon’s face looked like after he read Kellyanne’s tweet:


Guys like Fallon – leaders of the arrogant, divisive, smug and violent Hillary campaign – deserve it.

What job do you think Kellyanne should have in the Trump Administration? 

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