OUCH! Liberal Professor Just Called Obama “One Of The WORST FOREIGN POLICY PRESIDENTS EVER” (VIDEO)

A Liberal professor just got harsh with Obama!

Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz went on Fox today to talk about Obama’s abstaining from the UN vote on Israel.

Obama abstaining meant the UN voted to condemn Israel for building settlements. Obama could have stopped it with a veto. But he didn’t.

Dershowitz said Obama “stabbed Israel in the back”!!

Watch (via Fox & Friends):

From the video:

“He will go down in history – President Obama – as one of the worst foreign policy Presidents ever. He called me into the Oval Office before the election. He said to me, ‘Alan, I want your support. And I have to tell you: I will always have Israel’s back.’ I didn’t realize what he meant was that he would have Israel’s back to stab them in the back. And what he did was so nasty. He pulled a bait and switch . . .”

Wow – That’s from an Obama supporter!

A lot of people are upset with Obama’s treatment of Israel.

Fortunately, there’s hope. Here’s what Trump tweeted out after the UN vote:

Yes, they will!

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