OUCH! McCain Slams Ashton Kutcher On Capitol Hill: “You Were Better Looking In . . . ” (VIDEO)

Oh, my!

Today, celebrity Ashton Kutcher is on Capitol Hill to testify before a Senate panel.

We’re not sure why, exactly, Ashton Kutcher needs to be there. And apparently, Senator John McCain felt the same way.

McCain gave Kutcher a slam by way of welcome to the Committee hearing.

Watch (via CSPAN):

From the video:

John McCain: “I also want to thank Elisa and Ashton. Ashton, you were better looking the movies. Anyway . . . “

Is that McCain’s way of saying: “You’re in my house now, son”?

Kutcher’s response was to give McCain a simulated kiss.


Here’s part of Kutcher’s testimony.

He says he’s there to “defend the right to pursue happiness.”

Pretty sure we don’t need a celebrity to defend the right to pursue happiness.

We just had an election where Americans rejected celebrities’ favorite candidate: Hillary.

The rest of America is doing fine defending everyone’s right to pursue happiness.

We don’t need more celebrities telling us how to do it!

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