PIGS FLY: Democrat Praises Donald Trump For Visiting Louisiana Flood Zone (VIDEO)

Mary Landrieu Trump

Former Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu praised Donald Trump on Friday for visiting the flood ravaged state.Trump deserves praise for the visit but it’s amazing to hear it coming from a Democrat.

The Hill reports:

Former Dem senator thanks Trump for visiting Louisiana

Former Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) on Friday thanked Donald Trump for visiting Louisiana in the wake of intense floods.

“I want to thank Mr. Trump for coming to Louisiana,” Landrieu said on CNN’s “Wolf,” adding that she thought the visit was helpful for the devastation-wracked state.

Landrieu said she thought Gov. John Bel Edwards’ (D) “admonition” that Trump not come to the state for a photo-op “is a good one.”

Still, Landrieu said, the GOP presidential nominee “brought attention to our state, and we need that now because this disaster … is far larger than people can appreciate on television.”

Landrieu noted that rain leading to intense flooding covered several parts of the state outside Baton Rouge, where Trump visited Friday with his running mate Mike Pence.

Watch the video:

Will wonders never cease?

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