Police Are Launching A Counter-Protest Movement Against National Anthem Protesters

People who become police officers tend to be patriotic individuals. Some of them are getting tired of all the National Anthem protests and are launching a counter=protest movement.

The New York Post reports:

Cops are launching their own national anthem counter-protest

The Cleveland police union will protest the national anthem in protest of national anthem protesters.

Under the thinking that you can’t protest a flag that doesn’t exist, the union said it will launch an upcoming counter-protest, in which they vow they won’t hold the American flag for a pregame ceremony during the Browns’ season opener Sept. 10. A dozen Browns players, including the first white anthem protester, took a knee during “The Star-Spangled Banner” in an Aug. 21 preseason game.

Union members had planned on participating in the flag ceremony prior to the kneel-downs. Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association president Steve Loomis told Cleveland.com that after Browns management and ownership had not stopped the team from protesting, they had to take action.

“It’s just ignorant for someone to do that,” Loomis said. “It just defies logic to me. The fact that management was aware of what they planned on doing, that’s as offensive as it can get.”

Good for them! We need more people to stand up for our National Anthem!

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