President Obama Gives Vice President Biden A Medal Of Freedom For Some Reason

A few weeks ago, Obama was passing out medals to all his celebrity friends. This week he gave a Medal of Freedom to Vice President Joe Biden for some reason.

ABC News reports:

President Obama Surprises Vice President Biden With Presidential Medal of Freedom

President Barack Obama surprised Vice President Joe Biden with the nation’s highest civilian honor — the Presidential Medal of Freedom — at a tribute event at the White House this afternoon. For the first and only time in Obama’s presidency, the award was given with distinction — a title only awarded to Pope John Paul II, Ronald Reagan and Gen. Colin Powell in modern history.

The ceremony was kept secret from the vice president until he walked into the State Dining Room and found an audience filled with his family, the president’s family and colleagues from throughout his career.

At first, the president began the event as a formal farewell to a vice president with whom he has shared a remarkably close relationship and a salute to a partner at the White House he says made him “a better president and a better commander-in-chief.”

Obama described Biden’s love of “Amtrak and aviators,” and joked that the event “gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance.”

Here’s the video:

Why didn’t Obama give himself a medal while he was at it?

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