President Trump Proposes Big Cuts In New Budget – House Republicans Push Them Aside

Mike Huckabee recently suggested that there are many Republicans who don’t want President Trump to drain the swamp and it’s beginning to look like he’s right.

Trump is trying to cut the size, scope and cost of government but he’s getting resistance from his own party.

The Hill reports:

House sets aside Trump’s biggest budget cuts

The House this week quietly pushed aside some of the most controversial proposals in President Trump’s budget request.

Trump’s proposal, released in May, was a jaw-dropping document, containing cuts to programs and agencies unlike anything seen in decades. The administration touted the document as “A New Foundation for American Greatness.”

The blueprint called for slashing budgets at major government agencies, plus cutting funds from the National Weather Service, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts, among other things.

But many of those proposed cuts were reduced or absent altogether on Thursday as the House passed a $1.2 trillion government-funding package.

The package contains significant cuts to government programs, though not nearly as deep as what the Trump administration had recommended…

Overall, while the House package didn’t reach the Trump’s goal of $54 billion in cuts, it does cut $5 billion, a significant figure that touches many parts of the government.

Republicans are blowing a once in a lifetime opportunity to make significant changes. It makes no sense.

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