President Trump Uses Massive Chart To Illustrate How Government Makes It Hard To Get Things Done (VIDEO)

Trump recently spoke to a group of CEOs and explained the insane process that builders have to go through with the government if they want to get anything done. In this case, he used building a highway as an example.

The Hill reported:

WATCH: Trump uses giant chart to blast regulatory barriers to highways

President Trump used a giant chart on Tuesday to show all the regulations that must be complied with to build highways, which he said are getting in the way of his $1 trillion infrastructure plan.

“I have to show this chart to you, because it’s amazing, actually,” Trump said during a speech to the National Association of Building and Construction Trades in Washington.

An aide quickly rushed to the lectern with the chart, which was taller than Trump himself. The prop earned chuckles from the audience of union officials and activists.

“If you want to build a highway in the United States, these are some of the permits you need,” said the president, whose business career revolved around building projects. “It’s a process that can take way over 10 years and just never happens … And we’re getting rid of many of these regulations.”

Watch the video:

That is crazy!

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