Protester Removed After Grabbing Microphone at Tim Kaine Rally (VIDEO)


At a recent campaign event, just as Tim Kaine finished speaking, a young woman who was standing behind him on stage grabbed the microphone. She didn’t get her message out though.

The American Mirror reported:

DRAMA: Protester rushes stage, grabs microphone at Tim Kaine rally

A woman standing behind Tim Kaine during a rally in Exeter, New Hampshire grabbed the microphone as the vice presidential candidate wrapped up his speech.

As Kaine ended and turned to shake hands with the supporters behind him, the woman passed him and grabbed the microphone.

“Senat–” she said into the microphone before it was turned off.

She then approached him and there was no security between her and the candidate for 10 seconds.

As Kaine left the stage to greet supporters in the crowd, she was blocked, but yelled from the stage.

Secret Service agents surrounded her, but campaign workers didn’t attempt to move her off the stage.

Watch the video:

Some people just want the spotlight, even if they have nothing serious to say.

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