Protesters in Egypt Greeted Hillary Clinton By Chanting MONICA! MONICA! (VIDEO)

Hillary angry

Hillary Clinton visited Egypt while still serving as secretary of state and was greeted by protesters chanting Monica! Monica! The video recently resurfaced.

Web Daily reported:

Hillary Clinton HUMILIATED After Damning Footage Goes Viral

Hillary Clinton was horrified on Friday to see a newly-surfaced clip went viral that is extremely humiliating for her.

The clip was filmed when Hillary visited the city of Alexandria, Egypt during her time as Secretary of State. There, she was met by a group of protesters who chanted the name “Monica” at her over and over as they threw tomatoes at her.

Watch the video:

The American media never showed this video. Isn’t that curious?

Do you think they would have shown it if the object of the protests was George W. Bush?

You bet they would have.

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