PURE CLASS: President Trump Ditches Press To Quietly Pay Respects To Fallen Navy SEAL

President Trump slipped away from the White House today without telling the press where he was going. Some people in media began to speculate negatively because he didn’t say where he was going.

It turns out, he was going to pay his respects to a Navy SEAL who was killed in Yemen.

The Associated Press reports:


Assuming the somber duties of commander in chief, President Donald Trump made an unannounced trip Wednesday to honor the returning remains of a U.S. Navy SEAL killed in a weekend raid in Yemen.

Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens, a 36-year-old from Peoria, Illinois, was the first known U.S. combat casualty since Trump took office less than two weeks ago. An 8-year-old American girl was among 30 others killed in the operation on an al-Qaida compound, and three other U.S. service members were wounded.

Trump’s trip to Delaware’s Dover Air Base was shrouded in secrecy. It was not on the president’s daily schedule. A small group of journalists traveled with Trump on the condition that the visit was not reported until his arrival. He was joined by his daughter, Ivanka.

This is why Trump kept the press out of the loop:

This was the right thing to do and Trump deserves credit for that.


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