AWESOME: Sean Spicer Tells CNN Reporter He Has ‘Zero Intelligence’ (VIDEO)

During Thursday’s press briefing White House spokesman Sean Spicer told CNN reporter Jim Acosta that he had “zero intelligence.”

Spicer quickly clarified what he meant by explaining that he was referring to access to classified intelligence.

The Free Beacon reportedThe two men had a heated exchange as Acosta was asking Spicer about evidence related to President Donald Trump’s accusation that Trump Tower was wiretapped before the 2016 election.

“Somehow you seem to believe that you have all of this information, you’ve been read in on all of these things, which I find very interesting,” said Spicer, the White House press secretary.

“I have been read in by the FBI–” Acosta responded before Spicer cut him off.

“You’re coming to some serious conclusions for a guy that has zero intelligence,” Spicer said before pausing.

Other reporters in the room began to laugh as Spicer realized how his comment sounded.

“Give me some credit,” Acosta joked.

“Clearance,” Spicer clarified while smiling. “I wasn’t done. Clearance, maybe both.”

Watch the video:

The best part of the clip is how everyone laughed when Spicer said Acosta had “zero intelligence.”

It is sad however that CNN has to use this clown in order to get attention for their failing “news network.”

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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