AWFUL! University Forces Student to Get Rid of PRO-TRUMP SIGN

The University of Oklahoma, a public school and therefore funded by tax payer dollars is under fire after targeting a pro-Trump student and restricting his 1st amendment rights.

Fox News reported:

Al Roker, the “Today” show’s chief weather-guesser, has been crisscrossing the fruited plain attempting to set world records at various universities.

On March 27, Roker helped students at the University of Oklahoma set the world record for largest human image of a cloud and largest human image of a lightning bolt.

But civil engineering major Levi Kell was not among the students who set the world record inside the university’s football stadium. That’s because Levi was escorted from the premises after he refused to turn over a homemade poster supporting President Trump.

Levi’s sign read, “Trump is our president.” The letters “OU” were colored in Sooner red.

An unnamed woman stopped him and told Levi he would not be allowed to enter the stadium with the sign.

The University of Oklahoma stands by their decision and says they have the right to dictate what messages students can show at events on Campus. This is absolutely disgusting.

Shame on the University of Oklahoma!

(Image: Fox News Photo)

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