Berkeley Students SUPPORT ISIS Flag, But ATTACK Israeli Flag (VIDEO)

Students on the UC Berkeley campus literally were supportive of a man waving an ISIS flag on campus but then were enraged when he waved Israel’s flag.

TGP reported:

Students at the UC Berkeley campus set the bar for outrageous behavior pretty high earlier this week when they rioted in protest of a speech by Milo Yiannopoulos. They destroyed property on the campus, beat a man unconscious, and even pepper sprayed an innocent girl for no reason other than she was wearing a Trump hat.

UC Berkeley has a history of supporting violence.

In 2014 filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to conduct a social experiment on the UC Berkeley campus by waving an ISIS flag and an Israeli flag.

While waving the ISIS flag Ami yells out anti-American and pro-ISIS rhetoric as students walk by and are friendly to him.

After some time has passed Ami pulls out an Israeli flag and waves it as he makes pro-Israel remarks and he is immediately attacked by the students on the UC Berkeley campus.

People blasted liberals over this video…

(Image: Screenshot)

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