LOL! Bernie Sanders Can’t Explain Why Vermont Doesn’t have Single Payer (VIDEO)

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders was unable to explain why his home state of Vermont doesn’t have single payer health care, something that he has been wanting for years.

Appearing on CNN with Jake Tapper, Sanders couldn’t answer Tapper when he said that single payer is too expensive.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

CNN host Jake Tapper said that California and Vermont are “cobalt blue states” and asked how single-payer could be affordable at the national level if they rejected the system at the state level because of the expense.

Sanders pushed back against Tapper, citing “studies that [he] has seen,” and said that single-payer would save the average family “significant sums of money.”

“If you look at Canada’s single-payer health care system per capita, their costs are far far less than the United States,” Sanders said. ” If you look at the UK, if you look at countries around the world, all of which have different approaches to a national health care system, in every instance, they are spending substantially less per capita than we pay in the United States.”

Sanders went on to say the health care system in the United States has not been able to adopt single-payer because it is “so complicated.”

Hilarious! Even fake news CNN says single payer is too expensive!

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