Bernie Sanders ATTACKS Trump Nominee for Being A CHRISTIAN (VIDEO)

Socialist Bernie Sanders, a liar and hypocrite, ripped into President Trump’s White House deputy budget director nominee Russell Vought over an article he wrote criticizing Islam.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Sanders quoted a letter of condemnation from the Arab American Institute, Bend the Arc Jewish Action, and Muslim Advocates, who say that Vought “denigrated American Muslims and Muslim faith” and that he has exhibited “hostility” not worthy of the position he’s been nominated for.

“This is the fundamental problem. Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology. They do not know God because they have rejected Jesus Christ his Son, and they stand condemned,” Vought wrote in The Resurgent, a Conservative blog.

Sanders, in a clip reported by HuffPost asked Vought whether he thought that quote was Islamophobic.

“Absolutely not,” Vought said. “I’m a Christian, and I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith. That post … was to defend my alma mater, Wheaton College, a Christian school that has a statement of faith that includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for salvation.”

Sanders interjected and said that the Senate Budget Committee did not have a lot of time, reiterating his question.

“Again, Senator, I’m a Christian,” Vought began “and I wrote that piece …”

Sanders said that he understood Vought was a Christian in an annoyed tone before asking him whether he thought that Jewish people should be condemned too.

“Senator, I’m a Christian …,” Vought began before getting cut off.

“I understand that you are a Christian!” Sanders yelled.

Whatever happened to free speech?

Perhaps “common man” Bernie Sanders should just go back to one of his three houses since he made over $1,000,000 last year!

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