BIASED: CNN Grills Republican, Lobs Softballs to Dem Immediately After (VIDEO)

CNN’s full bias was on display when discussing healthcare with a Republican and a Democrat in a recent TV segment aired by the network.

The Media Research Center reported:

CNN’s double standard in their treatment of Republicans versus Democrats is on continuous display. On Wednesday’s New Day, conservative Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was grilled by co-host Chris Cuomo. Yet, when fellow co-host Alisyn Camerota interviewed liberal Senator Sherrod Brown immediately following the King interview, the Senator was given non-challenging softball questions. Take a look at the comparison of questions:

Chris Cuomo’s questions to Rep. Steve King:

What do you make of the President going after fellow party members?

Do you think it’s just about politics, Congressman? You and I’ve known each other for a while, aren’t some of these tactics really just about character, just about personality, not about knowing the way to do things. This is about dealing with people. That doesn’t change when you’re in politics?

Would it also help if the President had been more clear about what he thinks the plans should be, what the policy should be, all he’s said so far is inaction is not an option. He called the repeal replace plans that was in the offing coming out of the House mean, as you’ll remember. But he hasn’t said what he doesn’t think would be mean.

But why–how can the people get behind something that they don’t know about? If all you’re going to present them with is what you have now is gone, we’re phasing it out and we don’t know what we’re going to replace it with, why would you expect support?

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It’s no wonder that more people watch reruns of cartoons than CNN during prime time.

CNN is a complete joke!

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