Bill O’Reilly: Sandy Hook families Deserve Better than Alex Jones

Conservative legend Bill O’Reilly slammed con artist Alex Jones from for his blatant lies and defended Megyn Kelly against the criticism she is receiving from the right.

The Hill reported:

After the fact, the Sandy Hook families were right: NBC should not have aired the interview with Alex Jones.

There simply was not enough news value in the Q&A between the internet bomb thrower and Megyn Kelly to mitigate the pain to families who buried their innocent children, yet had to endure a national circus about it on Father’s Day.

I mean, what did we learn? That Jones’ preposterous contention that the massacre in Connecticut was faked to whip up anti-gun sentiment is cruel and stupid? Every sane person knows that.

That Jones himself is a callous huckster who could not even remotely hold his own under Kelly’s questioning? Yeah, maybe we learned that, but so what? There are millions of people who peddle deceit for money, it’s almost a national pastime.

NBC tried to make Jones more relevant by tying him into President Trump. The point that Trump’s populist outreach includes fringe people like Alex Jones has some merit, but, again, it doesn’t come close to justifying another round of horror for the grieving families.

Read the rest of Bill’s piece here.

It’s great to see Bill O’Reilly come out and defend Kelly.

Alex Jones is a dangerous individual and is a literally a con artist. At a trial for custody for his own kids, Jones’ attorney said that he plays a character on Infowars, meaning he is just acting.

What a fraud!

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