BOOM! Judge Jeanine Opens Her Show With A Call For Paul Ryan To Step Down (VIDEO)

Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro blasted Speaker Paul Ryan after a tweet from President Trump had urged people to watch her program on Saturday night.

The Hill reported

“Ryan needs to step down as Speaker of the House. The reason, he failed to deliver the votes on his healthcare bill, the one trumpeted to repeal and replace ObamaCare,” Pirro said in her opening statement.

“You come in with all your swagger and experience and sell them a bill of goods which ends up a complete and total failure and you allow our president, in his first 100 days, to come out of the box like that, based on what?” Pirro said.

The Fox News host’s fiery comments about Ryan came hours after Trump tweeted to encourage his followers to watch “Justice with Judge Jeanine.”

Trump has urged people to watch TV shows in the past, but typically when he is appearing on them.

“I have not spoken with the president about any of this,” Pirro said of her call for Ryan to step down on her show, where president’s counter-terrorism adviser Sebastian Gorka also appeared on Saturday evening.

Talk about an epic way to troll Speaker Paul Ryan, tell Americans to watch a TV program where the opening statement blasts the highly disliked Speaker and demands that he step down!

(Image: YouTube Screenshot)

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