ESPN Reporter Suggests She Was Fired Because She’s Conservative

A very attractive ESPN sports reporter suggested she was fired from the liberal channel recently because she is a conservative.

Breitbart reported:

Britt McHenry sure seems to think that she was laid off by ESPN because she’s a conservative.

In response to a tweet from Fox Sports’ Clay Travis, where he highlighted a feeble attempt from ESPN to show that they’re not liberal, McHenry implied that she was laid off for political reasons:

While McHenry certainly wasn’t as openly conservative at ESPN as someone such as Rush Limbaugh, Mike Ditka, or Curt Schilling, she has subtly displayed her political leanings.

According to the New York Post, “(McHenry) attended a GOP event last December, for example, and captured the night in a photo of her and Paul Ryan she posted to her Instagram account—which she subsequently deleted.

“Last week, McHenry subtly ‘liked’ another reporter’s tweet mocking Colin Kaepernick for speaking out against the recent acquittals of police officers in the shootings of black men.”

Perhaps McHenry made her politics better known in the corridors at Bristol, but barring that her political activism seems quite tame. Nor, it must be said, can any discernible political trend be recognized among those ESPN laid off.

In case you did not know, ESPN has suffered a massive loss in subscriptions because of their ever increasing liberal stances on political issues.

ESPN should be about sports, not politics.

If they choose to liberal stances on political issues then let’s hope conservatives drive them out of business!

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