BUSTED: Democrat Adam Schiff Held At Least $16,000 in RUSSIAN Investments in 2016

Democratic Russian conspiracy theorist Adam Schiff has been busted the tens-of-thousands of dollars linked to Russian investments as recently as last year.

Got News reported:

California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff held at least $16,000 in Russia-linked investment funds in 2016, according to a review of House financial disclosures.

On Friday, Schiff compared any threat from the Russian Federation to one from North Korea.

And that was a day after neurotically accusing President Donald J. Trump of “capitulating” to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Schiff’s Russia-connected investments rested in pharmaceutical multinational AbbVie and an iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF. Schiff’s most recent 2016 House financial disclosure report reveals that Schiff had at least a thousand dollars in the iShares fund and another $15,000 in AbbVie.

According to a year-end 2016 SEC filing from AbbVie:

The company… continues to do business with foreign governments in certain oil-exporting countries, which have recently experienced a deterioration in economic conditions, including Saudi Arabia and Russia. Outstanding net governmental receivables were $122 million related to Saudi Arabia and $110 million related to Russia as of December 31, 2016.

Read the rest of the report here.

This comes after it was discovered that Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters had a sizeable amount of her retirement money tied up in Russian investments.

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