WOW! CNN blasts Obama Admin for Claiming It Removed ‘100 Percent’ of Syria’s Chemical Weapons (VIDEO)

Very fake news CNN called out the Obama admin for claiming it brokered a deal with Russia back in 2013 to remove “100 percent” of the Syrian government’s chemical weapons.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

“I thought those chemical weapons were gone,” Gregory said. “What happened to those? How were they still there? Is that all on Russia, or did the previous administration get duped, too?”

Kirby then walked back Kerry’s previous claim.

“We knew that we got the vast majority of the declared stockpiles out, and at the time we said, as well as OPCW [Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons], that we couldn’t guarantee that there weren’t undeclared stockpiles still in the country, or that we could negate his [Assad’s] ability to acquire or create more,” Kirby said.

“It is something we were mindful of at the time,” the former State Department spokesman continued. “It is obviously carried out to a disastrous effect here this week, but we were careful at the time not to say that we knew we got every single stockpile of every single chemical weapon out of Syria.”

As usual things are falling apart in Democrat land.

(Image: YouTube)

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