HOW BIG OF HER: CNN Host Kate Bolduan Says ‘I Can Be Proven Wrong’ (VIDEO)

Obnoxious CNN “journalist” Kate Bolduan, who recently vicious attacked a Navy SEAL on live TV who called out CNN’s lies, now admits that she can be proven wrong…

The Daily Caller reported:

CNN host Kate Bolduan assured her guests Wednesday that she “can be proven wrong every day,” probably something more CNN hosts should admit.

Bolduan, who hosts “At This Hour,” was facilitating a discussion with her guests about claims that President Trump tried to impede the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

“At some point this Comey thing is starting to turn into the plot of The Usual Suspects where we all speak about him in terms of who’s speaking about him–friends, and his father comes out…but no one has actually heard anything from James Comey,” said Joseph Borelli, a Republican commentator.

“I can’t imagine — and look, I can be proven wrong every day,” Bolduan admitted. “I can’t imagine this friend of Jim Comey’s is out speaking if Jim Comey didn’t want him out speaking.”

Borelli did a pretty good job of proving her wrong.

“But keep in mind, with the comments of whether he was obstructing justice, where you have on record now the third…high level official under oath saying that this didn’t happen…we’re relying on these friends,” he explained.

People blasted her on Twitter…

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