CNN OBSESSED: 92 Percent of Airtime on Trump – Mostly Negative – 96 Critics to 7 Supporters

A media research group has discovered that CNN is so obsessed with destroying President Trump that they dedicate nearly all airtime towards covering him with critics.

The Media Research Center reported:

CNN claims it’s right down the middle, somewhere between the left-wing MSNBC and the more conservative-friendly Fox News Channel. But an MRC study of an entire day of CNN’s coverage shows the network spent almost all of its time covering the Trump presidency, with a heavily skewed roster of anti-Trump guests and on-air commentators.

To get a handle on CNN’s news priorities during the Trump era, a team of MRC analysts reviewed all of the cable network’s programming on Friday, May 12, starting with the 4am ET Early Start and continuing through the 11pm ET CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, a total of 20 hours of material.

After excluding commercials, teases and promos, our analysts found 13 hours, 27 minutes of actual news coverage, an average of just over 40 minutes per hour. Of that, a whopping 92 percent (12 hours, 19 minutes) was devoted to the Trump presidency, with a mere 68 minutes — a little more than three minutes per hour — devoted to all of the other news of the day.

Read the rest of the report here.

So sad that the media is willing to destroy the country over politics, also sad that they are so dishonest!

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