IRONY: CNN Says ‘Shameful’ Trump Is Endangering MSM Reporters

The head of the Clinton News Network (CNN), Jeff Zucker, attacked President Trump for “endangering” reporters and journalists in the media.

His comments came after a hardcore Democrat tried to mass murder a group of Republicans leaders who was obsessed with the liberal media, specifically MSNBC.

Breitbart reported:

According to an Associated Press report, Zucker said “the level of threats faced by his journalists is more serious than people realize,” and “he lays the blame squarely at the feet of” Trump and “other politicians he says try to delegitimize the press.”

Zucker reportedly spoke about the anti-CNN chants at Trump’s rallies and a Guardian reporter being body-slammed by then-Republican Montana House candidate Greg Gianforte, who won his race a day after body-slamming the left-wing reporter.

“This is what happens when you try to delegitimize an institution that is trying to do its job,” Zucker reportedly said on Thursday. “It is shameful on the part of the administration and other politicians to cause a frenzy against something that is guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States. It does a disservice to this country and its position in the world and allows a heightened sense of rhetoric against journalists and media organizations.”

Zucker reportedly added that it is “unconscionable and dangerous and they should know better.” He made his remarks the morning after House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot on a baseball diamond by someone who hated Trump and Republicans.

Zucker’s remarks are comical at best as a recent Harvard study showed that CNN’s coverage of President Trump is 93% negative.

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