CNN’S CUOMO: I Don’t Care If I Miss Important Stories to Cover Trump And Russia (VIDEO)

Fake news “journalist” Chris Cuomo of CNN admitted that he doesn’t care if he misses covering important news stories because he would rather try to take down Trump instead.

NewsBusters reported:

Filling in for Don Lemon Thursday on CNN Tonight, New Day’s Chris Cuomo once again sparred with White House counsel Kellane Conway. Conway called out the network for their obsession with the Trump-Russia story:

Six percent said it’s the number one issue to them but it’s consumed 75 percent of coverage…you wonder what other news you’re missing or what are we going to cover, or what are we not covering today because we’re covering this. You’ve got to feel a little bit of trepidation.

Cuomo put to rest that stipulation real quick:


CONWAY: That you are covering an issue…

CUOMO: I don’t.

CONWAY: –that 6 percent of Americans tell pollsters–

CUOMO: I don’t.

CONWAY: –that is most important to them when 75 percent of them–


CUOMO: I cover it because I think it’s right…

There is a reason that more people watch Nick at Nite cartoons than watch CNN!

CNN has only 1 goal in mind: destroy President Trump at all costs, they are willing to abandon all else to accomplish their goal.

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