OUTRAGE: Wild Animal Sanctuary In Colorado Euthanizes ALL its Animals (VIDEO)

A wildlife sanctuary in Colorado is coming under intense fire after they decided to put down all their animals, including exotic and endangered species, after a county government dispute.

The Daily Mail reported:

The Lion’s Gate Sanctuary put down its three lions, three tigers and five bears on April 20 after local county commissioners denied their request to move about 20 miles from its site southeast of Denver.

Sanctuary owner and local psychologist, Dr. Joan Laub, said she had ‘no other option’ because the site had repeatedly flooded over the past two years making it impossible for them to care for the animals properly, Mercury News reports.

But Elbert County Commissioners said they were ‘shocked’ and ‘saddened’ by the decision after the said the sanctuary’s owners had promised to continue to care for animals at the center if their proposal was turned down.

‘The decision by the operators of Lion’s Gate to euthanize all their animals comes as a total surprise,’ they said in a statement. ‘Only two weeks earlier, the operators of the facility assured the County in a public forum that if the application was denied, they would continue to operate at their current location as they had for the previous 10 years.’

However, Laub strenuously denies ever giving such assurance calling the claim a ‘blatant lie.’

How sad!

(Image: DailyMail Photo)

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