CORRUPTION: Explosive Emails Show ‘Corrupt’ de Blasio Donors Had Run of City Hall

Corrupt New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is going to have a hard time getting re-elected after blowing off an elderly woman who had tough questions for him, kicking all the homeless people off the subway so he could have a PR photo shoot, and now new details emerging about his donors who are corrupt.

The New York Post reported:

Mayor de Blasio claims he barely knew them, but explosive e-mails ­released Friday show that two of his major campaign donors who were later accused of corruption were given the run of City Hall.

Jona Rechnitz, who pleaded guilty in March to making contributions to extract favorable treatment from government officials, had such clout that he wrote the mayor directly on April 28, 2014, asking to serve “on your committe for [sic] ‘combat police corruption.’ ”

Hizzoner forwarded the request to top aide Avi Fink, who sent it on to other officials, including City Hall’s director of appointments at the time.

It’s not clear what the mayor or Fink wrote in their e-mails, because their comments were redacted by City Hall lawyers.

Rechnitz did not get the post.

Meanwhile, Rechnitz’s associate, Jeremy Reichberg, asked City Hall to intervene to lower a $650,000 water bill on a building in Borough Park, Brooklyn, with the matter addressed directly to the first deputy mayor’s chief of staff.

Mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips said Friday that the bill was lowered to $125,304 because of a meter defect, adding that action was normal “in such situations.”

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De Blasio is a clown and embodies the typical Democrat.

The people of New York deserve better!

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