Democrats Cut off Maxine Waters Mic: Now African American Caucus Demands Apology

Democratic nut job Maxine Waters was rambling on recently at a talk and refused to quit yapping which led the Democrats to cut her mic off.

The African American Caucus did not think that the incident was too funny…

Breitbart reported:

Waters was speaking to members of the African American Caucus when a man, who it was later discovered is employed by a firm that was subcontracted to handle audio and visual for event planning firm Frontrunner, approached her during her speech and asked her to wrap it up.

Waters continued speaking and her microphone was cut off soon after.wards She kept going. 

At one point, California Democratic Party African American Caucus Chair Darren Parker said, “Our caucus pays for this room … And it has been tradition if we were going to run over that we pay additional fees.” He added, “I have never, ever seen anyone from staff walk up to a speaker, interrupt the speaker and then cut off the sound… Damn it, we will not tolerate this!” he said.

According to the Times, Parker said in a statement, “We would first like to humbly and heartfully apologize to the ‘Good’ Congresswoman Maxine Waters, our African American Caucus members, friends and guest for the inexcusable behavior of the audio service employee.”

He continued:”In my 20 years as a Democratic Party leader, I have never experienced such the type of behavior as I did at the Sacramento Convention hall on Saturday evening. What is most disturbing is that this individual could have meant harm to the Congresswoman and was unchecked before he reached her.”

Democrats and liberals always end up attacking their own!

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