DHS Secretary Kelly to Critics: Shut Up And Support Our Agents (VIDEO)

Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said that President Trump has freed up agents to enforce laws that are already in existence.

The Free Beacon reported:

“For too long, the men and women of my department have been political pawns,” the retired Marine general said. “They’ve been asked to do more with less and less and less. In many ways similar to the treatment suffered by our law enforcement over the past few years, they are often ridiculed and insulted by public officials and frequently convicted in the court of public opinion on unfounded allegations testified to by street lawyers and street spokes-persons.”

When Kelly met with Democratic lawmakers in March, he told lawmakers that if they don’t like what his department is doing in regards to immigration then they should change the law. Democrats left the meeting upset and angry at Sec. Kelly, but he repeated the message on Tuesday.

“If lawmakers do not like the laws that we enforce, that we are charged to enforce, that we are sworn to enforce, then they should have the courage and the skill to change those laws. Otherwise, they should shut up and support the men and women on the front lines,” Kelly said at George Washington University.

According to Kelly, DHS employees were unable to do their jobs because of political meddling and crippling bureaucracy.

“My people have been discouraged from doing their jobs for nearly a decade, disabled by pointless bureaucracy and political meddling and suffered disrespect and contempt by public officials who have no idea what it means to serve,” Kelly said.

Everyone needs to be on the same page in order to start solving problems!

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