Drs. Scarborough, Brzezinski: Our Diagnosis Is… Trump’s Insane! (VIDEO)

Pretend Drs. Low IQ Crazy Mika and Psycho Joe have a history of making bombastic claims about President Trump’s health that are supported only by their imaginations and anyone that they pay to come on their failing TV show.

News Grabien reported:

Almost as soon as Donald Trump was inaugurated president, the hosts on MSNBC’s Morning Joe began pushing a narrative that the president could very well be criminally insane.

The president, whom these hosts regularly remind viewers is tasked with overseeing America’s nuclear arsenal, is mentally “unbalanced,” “unhinged,” and obviously suffers from “mental illness.”

“He keeps getting worse,” Dr. Joe Scarborough said. “Mentally, he keeps getting worse. This is a man in decline.”

“There’s an unwritten rule in the psychiatric community that nobody diagnoses people from afar,” Dr. Donny Deutsch reminded viewers. “But I just don’t feel like he’s a well guy, period.”

“He has literally devolved, to the point where there is concern about his health,” Dr. Mika Brzezinski said. “Or about his ability to take in information and use it correctly. It’s like a child.”

Brzezinski has said she is so concerned about Trump’s mental health that we should pursue “Article 25” — apparently referring to the Constitution’s 25th Amendment, which allows for the removal of a president who is physically unfit to serve.

If anything, the media should be praising Trump for holding his tongue for so long and not being harsher on these nasty people.

Low IQ Crazy Mika and Psycho Joe need to get a life, seriously!

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