Drug User Bill Clinton: Drug ‘Sentencing Craze’ of the ’80s was ‘Way Overdone’

Former President and former marijuana user Bill Clinton revealed that many of his friends have died from the use of drugs, and that they way people used to be punished for drug use was “way overdone.”

PJ Media reported:

Former President Bill Clinton revealed that five of his friends have lost their children to the opioid epidemic and encouraged activists to come up with a “sentence reduction and release program” for nonviolent offenders that includes opioid addiction treatment.

“We need to get these people who are essentially nonviolent offenders out of prison. But the thing that really bothers me is what was said – you don’t want to put people out without treatment, you could be given treatment now and somebody’s got to figure out how to persuade all these people who say in theory – I’ve never heard in the last 10 years at least as much bipartisan agreement on anything as I hear, in theory, there are too many people behind bars who shouldn’t be there,” Clinton said this week at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters Annual Activation Summit in Little Rock, Ark…

…But I have never seen the feeling that exists today that we overdid this, that this whole sentencing craze that got going in the ’80s was just way overdone. We’ve just got to provide a safer, healthier, better way forward,” he added.

Great job by Bill Clinton to once again prove just how screwed up and backwards the liberal ideology truly is!




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