ELITISM: Homeless Booted From NYC Subways So Bill de Blasio Could Have ‘Clean’ Ride

Liberal Elitist, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio looked to have a photo shoot in the NYC Subway so that the billionaire could show that he relates to people in a struggling city.

However, de Blasio didn’t want to be seen with all the poor and homeless people that his policies helped create so he made sure none of them were there when he showed up.

The New York Post reported:

Mayor de Blasio ventured into the city’s decrepit subway system on Sunday — but didn’t have to face the foul-smelling and often crazy vagrants that ordinary New Yorkers are forced to contend with every day.

That’s because police were ordered to roust all the homeless people from two stations ahead of the mayor’s four-stop press event as he rode from his Park Slope gym to his new re-election headquarters in Downtown Brooklyn, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

The rank and file had until 11 a.m. to prepare the Fourth Avenue/Ninth Street and Jay Street/MetroTech F train stations for the mayor’s brief, underground publicity stunt, sources said.

One source characterized the directive — contained in an email from the NYPD’s Transit Bureau — as instructing cops to “make sure nobody’s hanging out” so that the stations “looked nice.”

Another source said the mayor’s office notified police brass of his schedule ahead of time “with the expectation that the subway stations would be free and clear of homeless people.”

“It’s too bad he’s only interested when he’s going to get on the subway,” the source said.

“I wish he had the same attention to detail when he wasn’t on the subway. Too bad he doesn’t care about quality of life for all passengers and not just himself.”

This is truly sickening, just remember Democrats do not care about people!

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