Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren DEMANDS Answers on MOAB Strike (VIDEO)

Goofy Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, was featured on a clip from Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” where she appears unhappy with the MOAB bombing in Afghanistan.

Breitbart reported:

Warren told reporters gathered at an appearance in Salem, MA what needed to be made clear was President Donald Trump’s strategy.

“As is the case with every part of Trump’s foreign policy, we are all trying to understand: What is the strategy?” Warren said.

“If we can’t figure out what it means, it’s sort of hard to make that a message,” she added.

Liberal Democrats are truly miserable people. They whine and complain if the U.S. doesn’t kill terrorists but then when the U.S. obliterates them they become offended.

Initial reports from the MOAB strike indicate that a minimum of 36 ISIS militants were killed in the bombing. A report from the Independent Journal Review said that over 100 ISIS militants were killed.

From IJR:

Sarhadi gave us a report from the local officials in Nangarhar:

“Yeah, I am on the line with local officials of Nangarhar. They say a big complex of ISIS has been destroyed by the dropping of the bomb from the U.S.!

ISIS’s biggest complex in Afghanistan is destroyed. They say more than 100 ISIS members are killed. The casualties may get higher.”

(Image: Twitter Photo)

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