CRAZY: Elizabeth Warren Angry That Trump Cabinet Nominee Considers The President His Boss

Senator Fauxchahontas is up to her insane antics again. She doesn’t seem to understand that people picked by Trump actually work for him.

The Washington Free Beacon reported

Warren (D., Mass.), a member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions, asked Acosta whether he would direct the Labor Department to defend new overtime regulations in federal court after an Obama-appointed judge blocked them from going into effect, as well as whether he supported Trump’s executive orders affecting safety and financial regulations. The Massachusetts senator, a champion of the Democrat’s liberal base, prodded Acosta to take a public stance against President Trump. The nominee did not bite, saying he would not weigh in on such manners because the president sets policy. The back and forth led Warren to accuse him of dodging “every one of my questions” and hiding “behind an executive order.”

“I haven’t spoken to individuals at the Department of Labor [about the policies] because I have not been confirmed,” Acosta said.

“If you cant give me straight answers on your views on this … and commit to stand behind workers then I don’t have any confidence you’re the right person for this job,” Warren said.

“I have been in public service the better part of my professional career and I’ve seen pressure and I don’t for a second believe that senior officials would or should bow to political pressure. We work for the president. He is our boss … we all will ultimately follow his direction,” Acosta said. “If we cant, then we resign. That’s our choice.”

The response from Acosta shows that he is precisely the person for the job.

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